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It all started with a contract from Etisalat in 1983. From there started the expansion of our product portfolio to include electro-mechanical products such as pumps and motors, and the building of strong partnerships with trading companies and tech outfits from around the world – from Germany’s AEG Power Solutions to the United States’ Plantronics. Dubai companies searching for a reliable business partner in the UAE that can deliver innovative solutions for the changing times can look to Metel for diversity and stability.

The Telecommunication division of Metel Group has grown into a strength for the company by maintaining the company mission to provide “a service that sells” to our clients, and not by just selling a product but by also providing good quality service. This has helped Metel loyal customers keep their faith in our professional advice on their Telecommunication requirements.
Metel has grown its presence in the telecom industry by establishing strong corporate relationships with industry leaders around the world, including China’s Cybiotronics and the US-based tech company Plantronics. Dubai companies can expect only the best when it comes to telecommunications products and services from MTL. With our best in class headsets from Plantronics, Dubai companies can boost their operational efficiency and productivity at minimal cost.

In keeping with today’s technology, MTL is ensuring to keep up with the innovative, fast changing and competitive industry by adapting and constantly improving their basket of suppliers.
Metel ensures being in the stream of technology and change by being involved in VOIP, Wideband Technology, TELE-VIDEOPRESENCE, jacks, connectors, distribution frames, structured cabling, Bluetooth headsets and telephones, thus providing a wide range of solutions for the consumer as well as government departments.

MTL’s Telecom division also deals with contracts and tenders as well as installation projects, the premier provider of ‘first class’ communication infrastructure solutions in the UAE today. In addition, Metel is one of the best structured cabling companies in Dubai and the UAE today.

Cable & Wire infrastructure is the backbone of the entire telecommunications infrastructure, supporting virtually all technology in today’s digital world.
To make voice, video and data communications simpler, we are here to design and frame all three in a single unique template called structured cabling. Dubai facilities needing a stable technological infrastructure that can handle and communicate data will benefit from structured cabling. Dubai offices, data centers, and apartment buildings can enjoy having a secure and fast data highway with this technology.

With structured cabling, Dubai facilities can benefit from a capable system that can accommodate a wide range of uses, including data transmission and telephone services.



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