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Metel Electro Mechanical Division has expanded its product portfolio to cover a wide range of industries.
Firstly, MTL is one of the leading water pump suppliers in Dubai and the UAE. The Metel Electro Mechanical Division features an extensive line of water pumps, sewage pumps, and submersible bore well pumps. As one of the premiere fire pump suppliers in UAE, MTL also carries more specialized devices, such as fire-fighting pumps and diesel engine-driven pumps that are designed for more specific applications.

Secondly, Metel is one of the biggest providers of electrical supplies in the Emirates, with a comprehensive product portfolio that services water, electricity, agricultural and construction applications all across the UAE and the GCC Region. Its electrical supplies line includes various electrical cables, petrol and diesel engines, diesel generators, electric motors, explosion proof motors, light fittings, and solar energy fittings.

In line with that, MTL is also one of the leading power generator suppliers in UAE, serving as one of the biggest distributors of Perkins generators in Dubai. Perkins produces some of the most durable and reliable products in the industry today, designed to withstand extremely adverse conditions. MTL has developed a strong partnership with Perkins to deliver quality products to the Emirates, making it one of the leading generator suppliers in UAE.

The division has highly trained engineering staff from various nationalities to conduct industrial and project marketing efficiently. Most of the engineers at senior levels are today trained on products in Europe by our world – renowned principles. There is a continuous exchange of technical know-how and feedbacks between us and our principles to get in the best of technology and concepts to the Middle East market.

All the products have a warranty period of one year with sufficient spares and with strong after sales service provided by engineering wing of the group, Metel Industries LLC. The division is continuously on the lookout for new products based on market requirements.

Water Pumps for Various Applications:


  • Asynchronous three phase motors shaft height 56 to 315 (standards motors to IEC / DIN)- Protection IP 55 and higher.
  • Asynchronous three phase pole changing motors (constant moment and for fan drives).
  • Explosion protected motors EEx e (certified by the German PTB) and Ex n (certified by the Spanish LOM).
  • Brake motors.
  • Asynchronous single phase motors frame size 56 to 100
  • Energy saving motors (with high and improved efficiency eff1 and eff2).
  • Converter fed asynchronous motors.
  • Marine motors according to the most important international classification societies.
  • Aluminum housing up to frame size 180 (end shield cast iron from frame size 132)

Low Voltage Cables (As per BS Standards):

  • XLPE Armoured
  • Submersible
  • Flexible & Single Core

Solar Lighting Products:

  • Garden Lights
  • Wall Lights
  • Street Lights
  • Camping Lanterns
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