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MIL offers services in diverse sectors such as Packaging of Transfer/ Booster pump sets for water supply for residential and industrial application, UL listed Fire Pump Sets from 50 USGPM to 1500 USGPM for firefighting applications, Non -UL Listed fire pump sets, Chilled Water Pump Sets for a/c plants and Sewage pumping systems with appropriate control panels as per various international Specifications, Diesel Generating Sets for Continuous as well as stand-by power applications with Manual, Semi Automatic and Fully Automatic control Panels.

METEL offers all round service facilities inclusive of:

  • Maintenance of Domestic or Industrial water pumps, Diesel Generator Sets, Solid or Liquid Waste Compacting equipment’s.
  • Manufacture and Repair of Electric Control Panels.
  • Repair and Overhauling of a wide variety of Pumps, Diesel Engines and Motors.
  • Commissioning of equipment’s such as Electric Motors, Diesel Engines, Alternators, Pumps and Waste Compactors.
  • Service and Repair of Electro-Hydraulic Waste Compactors.
  • Rewinding of Alternators and Motors
  • Dynamic balancing of Impellers, Rotors and other Rotating Parts.
  • In house testing of LV / AC Motors, Centrifugal Pumps, Engines, Panels and Waste Compactors.
  • Maintenance of turntables
We offer Turntable for exhibition on rental basis as per customer requirements, supported and maintained by specialized engineers, with a complete range of genuine spare parts and accessories as well as 24/7 on call assistance for maintenance.
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METEL has been associated with world renowned brands like Calpeda & Zenit, Italy for Pumps; Perkins UK & Doosan Korea for Diesel Engines; and Pakawaste, UK for Compactors.

We have an excellent record of delivery of these services with major property developers and corporate clients. We provide customized solutions as per customer requirements.

We are equipped with CNC controlled workshop machines and have a testing facility.

METEL Facility Management Division is advised and maintained by specialized engineers, with a complete range of genuine spare parts and accessories as well as a 24/7 on-call assistance for maintenance.

Health & Safety

At METEL, Health and Safety are the highest priority. Hence, with a focus on continual improvement, safety and health aspects are factored into risk assessment, training & education and contingency response.

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